Scargill cannot be blamed for all these loses

In his letter (News Post Leader, April 17), Alan Thompson never mentioned Thatcher’s part in the 1984-85 miners’ strike.

She was a tyrant and bully in her own party. Geoffrey Howe, one of her own cabinet members, stood up in the Houses of Parliament and told a packed House of her failings.

Her disciples on the day never spoke up for her because she was a risk to the Tory party and its future.

She left Downing Street in tears a broken woman – the Iron Lady shattered, never to recover, and yet she was the prime mover in the defeat of the miners, hailed a hero in 1985, betrayed, she said, by her party in 1990.

In 1957 there was well over 70 coal mines in the north east. In 1984 there was only 15 remaining, many jobs and communities lost.

Surely Scargill cannot be blamed for these huge losses over the years and the loss of members which weakened the union.

Bill Harris