School drawing up plans to land academy status

A high school is hoping to become an acdemy.

Cramlington Learning Village has begun initial discussions about its plans to take on more responsibility over how it is run.

Letters have been sent to parents and carers of pupils at the school, pictured, asking for their views on the move.

The school intends to retain its current name and stick with the same uniform if its academy status bid is approved.

In a letter to parents, headteacher Wendy Heslop, says: “We are proud of the educational experience that we provide and therefore it is the next logical step.

“We do not envisage making any significant changes to the way we operate.

“Becoming an academy would allow us the freedom to continue to develop a curriculum that reflects our aspirations and strengths.

“It is an exciting development.

“At the moment, we have only submitted a submission of interest and will only proceed to academy status if we are happy with the terms on offer.”

Speaking to the News Post Leader yesterday, she added: “The consultation has gone really well, and everyone has been positive.

“I think it would increase curriculum freedoms, and it would help us to maintain the learning for the children.”

If the move is given the thumbs-up, the Highburn school would be directly funded by the Department for Education and not via Northumberland County Council.

A council spokesperson confirmed the school has applied to the Department for Education for academy status.

Cramlington councillor Wayne Daley added: “I think academy status is the way forward in terms of improving educational standards.

“Anything that will improve the education of children in Cramlington should be welcomed.

“I am pleased that the school is going out to consultation with the parents.

“If it is good for the pupils, then it is good for Cramlington.”