School friends help replace a damaged tree

Dylan Howe and Scott Bramwell planting a fruit tree.
Dylan Howe and Scott Bramwell planting a fruit tree.

Two community schoolboys have replaced a damaged fruit tree to help create an edible walk to school route.

In April last year, 13 mature fruit trees were planted to create the edible ‘walk to school’ route for Cramlington children from the Beacon Lane Estate.

This marked the conclusion to a £600,000 investment by Places for People, as part of its Green Spaces for People Portfolio.

The residents group worked with Places for People and charity Groundwork to create a row of fruit trees along Esher Place and Eastbourne Gardens.

But local school friends Scott Bramwell and Dylan Howe, noticed a tree had been broken and reported it to Places for People.

Steven Nichol, Neighbourhood Officer from Places for People, said: “The two boys took it upon themselves to write to us to tell us the tree had been broken.

“It is very commendable and we felt it important to involve them in the planting of the new tree.

“The ‘edible school walk’ is enjoyed by many Beacon Lane residents and it’s great to see young people like Scott and Dylan care about their environment.

“They set an excellent example to others.”