School hits out as report places it in special measures

Brought to you by the News Post Leader.
Brought to you by the News Post Leader.

A Northumberland school rated ‘outstanding’ two years ago has been placed in special measures by inspectors.

Cramlington Learning Village was given the top rating by Ofsted in 2013.

But staff and parents have been left shocked at the latest report, which has placed the school in special measures.

However, officials at the school have hit out at Ofsted and their report, saying it paints an inaccurate picture of the school and have vowed to bounce back.

A spokesperson for Cramlington Learning Village said: “Cramlington Learning Village has received a disappointing report from its latest Ofsted inspection and as a consequence the school is now in special measures.

“The staff and governors of Cramlington Learning Village feel that the report paints a highly inaccurate picture of life in our school.

“However, the Sixth Form report was very positive and was graded to be ‘good’.

“In fact, Key Stage 5 results have continued to improve year on year.

“According to the Ofsted inspectors, we have fallen short of the outstanding status we received in each of our previous four inspections.

“However, we have 70 per cent of the same students, the same head teacher and largely the same senior leadership team and governing body as we had at our 2013 inspection.

“We therefore have confidence in the foundations on which the school is built.

“While we do not consider the inspectors’ report to be an accurate assessment of Cramlington Learning Village, we have already started work on compiling and implementing an action plan that will lift us from special measures and restore our reputation as an outstanding school in which to teach and learn.

“We do however have serious concerns about an inspection process that can produce such a wide variation in findings just two years apart.

“Despite this disappointing inspection, our staff and governors share an unwavering determination to deliver the highest standards of learning in an environment that is safe and secure for all of our students.

“We are confident this year’s examination results will vindicate our approach.”