School memories needed for book

Parkside School in Cramlington.
Parkside School in Cramlington.

A county school looks set to be the subject of a new book, compiled by a former pupil.

Parkside School served the children of Cramlington for almost 100 years, until its closure in 2008.

To celebrate its importance to the community, author Brain Godfrey, plans to compile memories and photographs of the school into a book.

Brian has recently published ‘Postcards from Cramlington’ and for his second book on the town he turned to his former school.

Brian said: “I started at Parkside in 1956 and spent eleven happy years there.

“I still see former class mates who live in Cramlington and have attended popular class reunions.

“The feeling amongst my former schoolmates that a celebration of Parkside should be put together to remember our many happy days there.

“It is now sad to see the old school building in such a sorry state and it will be soon demolished for housing.’

Former pupils and teachers are invited to contribute their memories of their time at Parkside, with Brian seeking class photographs, team sports, trips, and outings.

“It would be helpful if photographs are accompanied by as much information as possible, dates, locations and especially names,” he added.

All material supplied to Brian or the publisher of the book will be well cared for and all quotes and photographs will be acknowledged within the publication.

To contribute to the book contact Brian on (01670) 714474.