School’s out for good for Carole

Carole Sanderson, pictured with New Delaval Primary School pupils, has retired after 30 years at the school. Picture by Jane Coltman.

Carole Sanderson, Year 1 teacher at New Delaval Primary School in Blyth, has retired after being at the school for 30 years.

It is the only school she has worked at and for much of that time she has been with the early years department.

Deputy headteacher Paul Struthers said: “It is her passion, commitment and dedication to improving the learning outcomes of our pupils, and also the way she prepares them for future life, that makes Carole such a valuable part of the staff and we would like to thank her for her great contribution to the school.

“Her impact on the local community has been immense and the fact that many parents who were taught by her have brought their children to the school to benefit from her expertise is a testament to her impact as a teacher. She also organised the annual New Delaval’s Got Talent event that has brought great pleasure to families.”

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