SCHOOL: Site offers opportunity

We have a wonderful opportunity at the West End of Newbiggin after the demolition of my old junior school, which I hold in high esteem because it gave me a fantastic start in life.

Friday, 16th March 2018, 5:55 am

Currently, it looks like a bomb-site disguised as a car park.

What a shame because it could be transformed into a beautiful town square.

It could become the West End equivalent of our amazing Quay Wall, where we could have open air events.

The West End of Newbiggin could be totally transformed with a little imagination by changing the site into a lovely park, with trees, seating and car parking bays.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to sit in such a square and reminisce about our school days and teachers, such as Peggy Punton, who dedicated their lives to our education?

Keith Shirley

Newbiggin by the Sea