Sea scouts get £11k donation for new boats

A sea scout group can now provide opportunities for even more youngsters thanks to a donation of more than £11,500.

The North of England P&I Association (North P&I Club) has made an award of £11,591 through its charitable North 150 Fund, held with the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, to the 8th Blyth Sea Scout group for the purchase of four Topper Topaz Boats, and safety equipment.

Previously the group paid yacht hire on a trip by trip basis, which restricted the amount of sailing activity young people could take.

Robert Crumpton, group scout leader with the organisation, said: “Our members identified sailing as one of the most enjoyable activities at our annual watersports camp, so by purchasing our own equipment we can use sailing boats more frequently as part of our activities.

“We are very grateful to North P&I for allowing this to happen; more young people can participate in the sport, earn more badges, and learn new skills.”

Michael Asherson, chairman of the North 150 Fund committee, said: “We’re delighted to be able to support 8th Blyth Sea Scouts through our fund at the Community Foundation.”