Search is on for local celebrities

Cramlington’s new cinema is searching for local residents worthy of celebrity status for doing some good in our community.

Vue is asking people to nominate anyone you feel should be recognised for what they contribute to the community or how they have helped someone else.

The worthy winners will be treated like true Hollywood A-listers for the day at the launch of Vue’s new cinema on Thursday, July 11, where they will have their handprints immortalised in concrete, just like the stars on the Walk of Fame.

Cinema manager Jayne Rooney said: “At the new Vue cinema we want everyone to feel like they are in Hollywood. There are so many people that do a lot of good for others in Cramlington, so we want to highlight this by giving them celebrity status.

“Let us who you think is worthy of being treated like a star.”

To nominate someone email 500 words and a picture of who you think the worthy winner should be to by Tuesday, July 2.