Search to return Great War medals to rightful owner

The owner of a set of First World War medals is appealing for help to reunite them with their rightful owner.

Margaret Wilkes, from Blyth, was clearing out her mother’s house when she came across the collection of medals in with those earned by her father and grandfather, inscribed with the name E Tait.

Margaret Wilkes with the World War 1 medals that belonged to Edward Tait, and she is trying to find his family.  GM03384

Margaret Wilkes with the World War 1 medals that belonged to Edward Tait, and she is trying to find his family. GM03384

“The medals are currently held by my family, along with those of my grandfather and my father, but recently we discovered that some of these medals belong elsewhere,” she said.

“How the medals came to be with our family in Blyth we do not know.”

After some research Margaret found that the medals belong to an Edward Tait, who served with the Northumberland Fusiliers in the First World War.

He enlisted in August 1914 and was discharged in August 1916 as he had to have his leg amputated after being wounded.

Margaret is now looking to trace any of Edward Tait’s family to return the medals.

“None of us left in the family have any recollection of Edward Tait, but somehow he must have connections into our family, or at least with our grandfather Arthur Thompson, who was born in Blyth in 1885,” she said.

“He must be long deceased now, but there must be someone in his family who would like to have these medals back.

“We would be delighted to reunite the medals with the correct family.

“We feel such pride when we look at my grandfather’s medals, I am sure the family of Edward Tait will be delighted to have his medals in their keeping.

“This year being the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the war would be a great time to reunite the medals with the right family.

“Hopefully because of the anniversary someone will think to look for his medals and we can send them back where they belong.”

The medals include a Silver War Badge, the 1914-1915 Star Campaign Medal of the British Empire for his service in World War One, the Victory Medal and the British War Medal, and a Northumberland Fusiliers Pin.

Margaret added: “I have researched the medals and Edward’s details, and I have been in touch with a lot of organisations, and I cannot find any information about Edward Tait as to his next of kin or anything.

“He was given these medals along with my father, but we can’t think of any reason why we would have them.

“To think that Edward Tait has held these medals and now all these years later we’ve got them.

“They’re not mine to keep, I would like to return them.

“It’s a mystery that I would love to solve.

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