Selfish motorists ‘not worth their salt’

DRIVERS in Cramlington are being asked to show true grit in the face of wintry weather instead of putting their own needs first.

Frustrated residents have complained to Northumberland County Council after seeing motorists take grit from bins for their own personal use.

Drivers have been spotted loading up at grit bins in the town, with some even emptying the bins entirely.

Resident Bill Cross told last week’s meeting of the council’s south east area committee: “People are just taking it and using it on their own homes.

“Some people are emptying the bins, and there isn’t enough grit for the smaller roads and driveways. We need to tell these people that the grit is just for the roads.

“Where I live it is extremely icy, and we need the grit just to get out, but the bins are empty, and it isn’t the fault of the council. It is people taking it for their own use.”

Council leader Jeff Reid, of Plessey in Blyth, said: “We should put a sticker on the bins saying that the grit is for road use.”