SERVICE: Hearing loss help needed

Further to reports that county councillor Grant Davey and County Hall are giving their support to the Gay Pride pressure group Stonewall and libraries are backing diversity, there is another large group in need of assistance, those who suffer from hearing loss.

Tuesday, 21st June 2016, 6:00 am

Many are pensioners, some are frail or have other disabilities.

Is County Hall aware of the fact that hearing aid repairs run by technicians from the Freeman Hospital are carried out at Wansbeck, North Tyneside and in Cramlington?

As for Blyth, the service for hearing aid repair was withdrawn in 2004. The reason given was that modern hearing aids need less maintenance.

They can, and do develop faults. When a query was made concerning the situation, the advice given was that hospital transport can be accessed for hearing aid appointments. What person would do this in a time of NHS cuts? Can County Hall request that the Freeman ENT department reinstates a technician at Blyth at least once or twice a month?

Some who have hearing loss would rather exist in lonely isolation than travel to a difficult venue.

E Cain