Service reaches silver anniversary

WANSBECK Centre for Voluntary Service (CVS) celebrates its silver anniversary this year.

Many people still ask ‘What does Wansbeck CVS do?’

If you asked our 206 members they would be able to tell you that we have supported groups and individuals in our local community to access information and advice around constitutions, funding advice, fundraising, training and volunteering brokerage since 1987.

Over the past 12 years we have enabled groups to access £12m of funding for a wide range of projects, with funding in the main being spent locally, helping to regenerate our communities.

In addition to this we have registered 4,720 volunteers and supported 390 volunteer-involving organisations to develop policies and procedures and access good practice to support their volunteers.

As a local support and development organisation and charity, we don’t always attract the interest that some other charities do, and are not recipients of donations or fundraising ventures.

In the past our funding has come from various sources, including income generation, local authorities and grant funders like The Big Lottery.

There is no doubt that raising funding and generating income is becoming harder and that we face some challenging times ahead.

However, without the support of Wansbeck CVS there would be fewer groups developed and less funding coming into the area.

Despite the challenges and relevant uncertainties ahead, we shall continue to provide this much needed services to our members for the foreseeable future.

We are delighted to have heard recently that we have received an extension in our funding from Big Lottery to continue for the immediate future..

And we hope people will help us celebrate this milestone at our annual general meeting later on in the year.

If anyone would like further information on any of the services we provide then please call into our offices or contact us on (01670) 858688.


Chief Executive Officer