Several reasons to use the road

I WOULD take this opportunity to respond to and answer the question, ‘Why do cyclists not use tracks?’ (News Post Leader, letters, July 5).

I can give several reasons why cyclists might choose not to use a cycle-track – broken glass, horse manure, dog-dirt, hedge-clippings waiting to puncture your tyres, the poor condition of the track itself ... I could go on.

The real and only reason a cyclist would choose to ride on the road when there is a ‘perfectly good’ cycle path available is because they can.

Cyclists are perfectly entitled to use the road, just like pedestrians, horse riders, moped riders, tractor drivers, learner drivers and many other examples of slower-moving traffic, any of which is likely to delay you by a few precious seconds.

The correspondent mentions the danger cyclists put themselves in by not using a cycle-track, but true road safety comes from patient and considerate shared use of the roads by all users, not separating cyclists and motorists. All that achieves is to encourage the motorist to believe that the roads are for their exclusive use.


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