Sheer cost of new hospital is worrying

ON reading Coun David Murray’s letter (New Post Leader, October 27) about the proposed new hospital in Cramlington, I was surprised to read that “during initial consultations, the vast majority of local people supported the proposals”.

This was not so at the public meeting I attended in North Shields, where every speaker, including myself, a retired nurse, was vehemently against the proposal on several grounds.

Since then, I have heard a group of consultants from the Newcastle hospitals voicing their concerns on TV, particularly the question of where all of the highly-specialised extra consultants will come from.

This will not be an ‘ordinary’ hospital, it is to be a Specialist Emergency Care Unit for the treatment of severe cases ‘blue-lighted’ from the accident and emergency departments in the surrounding hospitals.

The people of Cramlington will not be able to walk into it with their bruises and broken bones. I foresee problems there.

I understand there is to be a specialist baby unit there, also.

Above all, the sheer cost of it in these difficult financial times is worrying, especially if, as I understand it, it will be met by the controversial Private Funding Initiative.

We are all going to be in hock to that forever.