Shop caught selling booze to boy of 16

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A shopkeeper caught selling booze to teenagers in Cramlington has been fined £80.

The action comes as members of the town’s neighbourhood policing team are clamping down on under-age drinking and the anti-social problems it causes.

Officers saw a youth leave the Nelson Village Store in Arcot Avenue with a bottle of vodka and blue WKD on Friday.

They stopped the 16-year-old and seized the alcohol and were told he had bought the booze without being asked his age.

Officers then spoke to the shopkeeper, who admitted selling the drinks and was given an £80 penalty notice and a warning.

Sergeant Mick Aspey said: “Selling alcohol to children will not be tolerated.

“Let this be a warning to licensees that they have a responsibility to uphold and promote licensing principles.

“It’s a criminal offence and action will be taken against them if they are caught doing this.

“We have an excellent working relationship with our partners, shopkeepers and the local authorities in Cramlington, and we are all working together to make the area a safer and better place for us all.

“Under-age drinking and the linked anti-social behaviour is a priority for us, and we’ve been carrying out high-visibility patrols in the areas where people tell us that it is taking place.

“I hope this example shows residents we’re taking the issue seriously and are taking action.”