Shop has alcohol licence revoked to prevent crime

A Blyth shop has had its licence to sell alcohol revoked following criminal activity at the premises.

Northumberland County Council’s licensing sub-committee has withdrawn the licence authorising the sale of alcohol at Bariana Vinters in Salisbury Street.

A request for a review of the licence had been received from Northumbria Police on the grounds of prevention of crime and disorder.

At the hearing the committee agreed that allowing the licence to remain would undermine the crime and disorder licensing objective of the police.

Coun Dave Ledger, Northumberland County Council deputy leader, said: “This review was properly brought before the licensing committee in the interests of preventing crime and disorder.

“After careful consideration the committee has concluded it was wholly appropriate to revoke Mrs Manjit Bariana’s licence in order to protect the local community.”

Blyth Neighbourhood Inspector Dave Harris said: “We requested a review of Bariana Vinters’ premises licence following criminal activity at the shop premises.

“These criminal matters have been dealt with at Newcastle Crown Court.

“We requested the revocation of the premises licence as we felt it was the only way to ensure the promotion of licensing objectives, in particular the prevention of crime and disorder.

“We are committed to cutting crime and protecting the vulnerable, and the revocation of this licence proves that.”

In April, the News Post Leader reported how Sukhvinder Bariana, Gurdeep Bariana, and Hargit Bariana were all given suspended sentences for their roles in illegal money-lending and selling of counterfeit goods from the shop, and Jasdeep Bariana was given a 12-month community order.

The licence holder has a right to appeal the decision to the magistrates ‘court.

Phillip Soderquest, Northumberland County Council’s acting head of public protection service, said: “Clearly, in the interest of the prevention of crime and disorder it was appropriate to revoke the licence.”