Shops facing charge to get trolleys back

TAXPAYERS will no longer have to foot the bill for the collection of stolen shopping trolleys if a campaigning councillor gets his way.

Cramlington town councillor Barry Crowther is concerned about the eyesore created by people leaving supermarket trolleys around the town.

Northumberland County Council currently returns trolleys to shops free of charge, but now officials have agreed to draw up a draft policy for levying a charge.

Coun Crowther, also county councillor for Cramlington Eastfield, said: “I have been asking the council to change their policy because currently they round up the trolleys and return them to the supermarkets free of charge.

“Why is taxpayers’ money being spent on returning these trolleys?

“They are the supermarkets’ responsibility, so it is only right that the council will now charge them.

“I am sick and tired of supermarket trolleys in my area, which gives a bad impression of the town.

“It is the best solution that they pay through the nose for them, and I think it is a very good policy.”

Manor Walks shopping centre general manager Bruce Coppola added: “We strive to make Manor Walks an aesthetically pleasing, safe and secure shopping destination.

“All stores have welcomed the proposals and feel it bolsters the initiatives they already run in recovering abandoned trolleys.

“We will do everything we can to support initiatives like this to give people a shopping centre they can be proud of.”