Short term cuts – major repairs

STEPHEN Hislop has certainly hit the mark with his letter ‘I thought we were in this together’ (News Post Leader, August 18).

He touches on the deplorable state of the roads where he lives in New Hartley.

I can sympathise with his observations as paths and estate roads in Cramlington are no better.

Weeds proliferate along kerbs and road edges.

These will eventually cause more damage as they create deeper and deeper cracks.

Short term cuts to services and maintenance are storing up potential major repair bills in the future, which will have to be borne by the council tax payer.

Take a look at the roofline of many of our public buildings.

Weeds too grow here, which in time will cause more and more damage and the danger of falling masonry will need costly attention.

It is high time that local authorities started looking after what we already have, rather than spending our money on new build flagship facilities and bizarre ‘works of art’, which glorify leaders and councillors alike.