SIGNS: Annoyed by '˜graffiti'

On my way home from work one evening recently '“ I reside in Northburn, Cramlington '“ I noticed a beer mat in the road.

Friday, 24th March 2017, 6:16 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:42 am

I thought nothing more of it until I’d continued my journey home through a number of avenues, only to discover a great amount more of these beer mats in the roads.

The kids must have gotten hold of a batch and had been flinging them about, I thought. Kids will be kids.

It was only after a few days that I started to wonder why the beer mats hadn’t been shifted.

So a couple of nights later I stopped to take a closer look at one of these beer mats that littered my street.

I discovered that it was not a beer mat at all. It was some sort of glued down warning sign telling me not to pollute my drains.

I wouldn’t know how to pollute a drain, yet I’ve got all of this graffiti all over my estate.

I don’t ever recall seeing any residents using the street drains as a toilet, nor pouring down toxic substances.

Recently I spent some time in Greece – Athens, Nafplio, etc. I was appalled by the graffiti everywhere. It was a disgrace.

I now feel the same as I did then – and I’m paying for it. Does that make me guilty? It’s my money that’s contributing to this, after all.

Who makes these decisions and spends my hard-earned cash?

Is this maybe another government or EU incentive so that another box can be ticked and somebody sits safe in their seat?

Allan Crookston