Site will help those in need of support

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SUPPORT workers looking for employment are being urged to sign up to a new online service intended to help the elderly and disabled.

Seaton Burn-based Dawn Advice has developed the service and will manage it on behalf of Northumberland County Council to help people in south east Northumberland find the support they need.

The Dawn Assist website aims to match those looking for the services of a support worker with the candidate best suited to their needs and interests by using a secure online register.

Liz Chadwick, chief executive of Dawn Advice said: “The site allows people looking to employ a support worker to search online for candidates using a range of criteria including experience, skills, interests and location.

“Users can then filter their search results to identify the person who they feel has the right attributes to support them in their daily livesd.

“Alongside allowing people to remain in their home, living independently, the new service will help create a number of new job opportunities across the county.

“With 11.2 per cent of people out of work, our region remains the area worst hit by unemployment.

“Dawn Assist will offer people looking for full or part-time work as a support worker a valuable outlet to secure employment.

Anyone interested in a support worker position should register with us for more information.”

For further information on registering, go online and visit