Sleet and snow predicted to pelt North East at the weekend as heavy winds continue

Another bleak weekend awaits, say forecasters.
Another bleak weekend awaits, say forecasters.

Strong winds are predicted to batter the region with sleet and snow over the weekend as the bleak weather continues.

The North East has been harrowed by heavy winds this week, and the Met Office is predicting gales this morning with a scattering of showers - though with some sunny spells.

Forecasters are predicting a cool day, with a maximum temperature of 10°C.

Friday is set to get increasingly wintry, with strengthening winds and temperatures falling to as low as 3°C.

Experts say the weekend will be much colder, with sleet or snow showers over the weekend, and Saturday feeling raw in strong-to-gale-force northerly winds.

Monday is predicted to be milder, with rain later in the day.