Slips, trips and falls among most common types of legal claim

An Ashington woman was awarded almost £5,000 after she broke her hand when she slipped behind Asda's pizza counter on a puddle of water.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 28 February, 2016, 14:02
Slips are among the most common type of legal claim.

In her case, there weren't any wet floor signs. She was referred to an orthopaedic expert and received £4,800 compensation.

And slips, trips and falls continue to be one of the most common types of legal claims, according to Jefferies Solicitors.

The law firm reports that often claims relate to poorly maintained roads and wet or uneven surfaces. A more bizarre case involved a warehouse operative, who was left in a sticky situation when he stepped in Femfresh intimate gel wash that had spilled off the manufacturing line. He suffered soft tissue injuries to his neck, back and legs, for which it took 20 weeks to recover and he had to seek help to look after his son.

Michael Jefferies, managing director of Jefferies Solicitors, said: “Although some of these claims may seem humorous, they are no laughing matter. Some cases we see result in serious long-term medical problems and intensive therapy. Businesses have a legal obligation to protect employees and members of the public, and it’s important that safety is their top priority.

"We also advise people to be aware of the potential risks around them, particularly during wet weather, as well as looking out for trip hazards like rugs and uneven surfaces."

Claims involving slips, trips and falls depend on the level of pain and suffering experienced, an evaluation of the effect the injury has had on the ability to work and earn money. Negligence has to be proved - a medical assessment and proof of loss of earnings may also be required.