Smart agent delivers property details to your smart phone

IMAGINE if potential buyers driving past the for sale board outside your home could instantly download a copy of your property details to their mobile phone, well, now they can.

Smart agent, Mike Rogerson is proud to announce the launch of QR codes on all of their property details and for sale boards.

This enables buyers to download details instantly to their smart phones, and call to arrange a viewing.

A QR code is a two dimensional bar code, which works much the same as a code that you would find on the side of a cereal box for example.

QR stands for quick response and gives your property its own unique code providing instant property details.

The code will be attached to the for sale board allowing prospective buyers to scan the code with their phone, to obtain your property details instantly.

Sharon Younes, area manager, said: “ I just love the concept that buyers can scan the code and obtain a full set of property details instantaneously. This is an amazing tool and a very useful function in the selling process, and a great addition to our existing services. As a forward thinking company we are committed in investing in cutting edge technology and providing the best possible service to benefit our clients.”

For more information on how you can benefit from this service, please call us on 0845 489 0699.