Some buildings in Newbiggin are an eyesore

I would like to comment on the state of some of the buildings in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea.

For a town that is supposed to be attracting tourists, when you enter the town from Sandy Bay the first thing you see is a derelict school building which has been vandalised many times – holes in roof, graffiti etc.

Or if you enter from Woodhorn the first thing you see is a derelict school. Again, holes in roof, graffiti, etc.

Surely when the decision was made to close these schools plans should have been in place to prevent this?

This seems not to be the case again.

Where I live in the town, there is a number of tourists staying who are visiting and they nearly all say the town is looking rather run down, which is a shame and embarrassing.

It is about time this problem was sorted out one way or another.

Another issue I feel needs addressing is access to the sea for boat/kayak users to the town, a ramp of some sort, not having to drive cars and tractors onto the beach (some people don’t have access to these), which sometimes get stuck and have to be recovered.

I know we used to have a ramp but it has since disappeared.

I feel this would attract more visitors, thus increasing revenue to the town.

I have visited seaside towns all over the country and a vast majority have access ramps to the sea for boat/kayak users. Newbiggin has, again, nothing.

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