Someday we may have to move out

AFTER watching the television programme about the United States space mission plans for another trip to the moon from my comfortable chair here on Earth – it seems to me easy to advise caution.

With so much thrown into it – and maybe because so much is expected out of it – the American nation do seem to be in a hurry to get back into space before anybody else.

Watching the programme run through this brief shot of America’s history from so many years ago, and the horrific results of these missions so far, they are not quite so successful as we would like to see them to be.

But the ‘window’ was open, a sure sign to be ready for off – before there is a long, long wait for the next try out in how many more years to come, when the next ‘window’ will open.

Not by any means, they’d tell us, do they want to hasten the job.

Everything has to be just right, but what of the changeable weather?

Something we are all aware of most of the time, that something so simple a flux should make so much difference to them as to us doesn’t separate the wise from the idiots – we are all in this together.

But someday, may be in the far future, our grandchildren will see something good and more lasting than an ‘open window’ in the true dawn of space research.

When in time to come we might well have to move out, window or no window, since the human race is burgeoning over its numbers just where we live, and every aspect of our life on Earth will yet more heavily depend on whether we get rid of our ballistics hidden away for the next war, or damn well release the lot to save ourselves from what is worse to come.