Something needs to be done about problem roundabout

I have again written to Northumberland County Council about the roundabout at the east end of Bridge Street, Blyth.

The first time was about the need for road markings for drivers approaching the roundabout from the south and taking the right hand lane when intending going straight over.

I have even seen them in this lane and indicating right and still going straight over.

Today I was coming from the quayside and had to wait for a bus turning around the roundabout, taking up the entire available road.

As I carefully pulled out from around the corner of the building, not for the first time I noticed a car approaching from my right.

It was then too late to stop as I was well over the road.

The car was driven by a young ‘lady’, who often seem to drive like there should be no one else on the road.

Later in the day I returned to the roundabout and again drove out from the quayside.

I found it was necessary to be at least two metres over the give way lines to be able to see the traffic around the corner of the building to my right.

This didn’t include any cycles close to the kerb.

There needs to be slow signs on the road for those who don’t know they should be taking care, or the roundabout needs to be moved five metres west taking over part of the huge amount of land the bus garage has.

This would mean the give way markings could be moved level with the building line.

Name and address supplied