Something needs to be done with Blyth building

What on earth is happening to Blyth? I often think of it as a swimmer who is trying to rise to the surface only to be pulled back down by its feet.

The new Morrisons supermarket is (in my humble opinion) one of the most positive things to happen in Blyth for a long time.

It has totally revitalised that side of the town centre. The market place is presentable, with pleasant floral displays and we have the Keel Row shopping centre.

Now for the downside – a friend recently described Northumbria House as “the most prominent building in Blyth” – but it is now an empty shell.

Wetherspoons has taken over the Wallaw, and if it manages to retain some of the Art Deco features that will be wonderful.

The bus station has been refurbished and the area around the library will soon be smartened up.

Sandwiched between the bus station and the new Wetherspoons is a decrepit building that was once a fine department store called Hedley Youngs. I don’t know how it is still managing to stand without crumbling.

Central Methodist Church, Thomas Knight Hospital and the Ridley Park Hotel (formerly the Gwentland) were fine buildings too, but down they went.

Why are we still clinging on to Hedley Young’s building? It serves no useful purpose. Let Poundstretchers have some space in Northumbria House and demolish the building.

A car park or even paved area with seats and raised flower beds would be much nicer to look at and would open the area out a little.

Dave Edwards