Spartans fan pens history of club

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A football fan has chronicled the story of his favourite team in order to publish a book.

Blyth Spartans fan Ken Sproat has recorded the story of the club from its inception in 1899 up until the end of the famous 2008/09 season, when Spartans played host to then-Premier League side Blackburn Rovers in the FA Cup Third Round.

And now Ken is appealing for funding through pre-sales of We’re The Famous Blyth Spartans, with the money raised helping towards costs.

After previously writing for the Spartans’ programme, Ken – who has watched Blyth for more than 40 years – decided the time was right to compile the club’s first ever complete official history.

He said: “There isn’t an official history book, with the full story in it. So, it’s about time it was written.

“If I knew what was ahead when I started it, I might not have started it. It’s taken about seven or eight years all together, including about five years of research.

“I’ve read every Blyth News, every News Post Leader, thousands of match programmes and hundreds of books to pull the story together.”

The book also contains information on other local clubs.

He added: “I don’t think you can tell the story of Blyth Spartans unless you include the story of their opponents, the leagues they were in and why the leagues were the way they were.”

Now the book is finished, Ken hopes to get it published with The Supporters’ Club but says funding is needed to get it into production.

He said:“There are a couple of spare pages available and I’m hoping that supporters can get their names printed in the book because they’ve ordered it in advance.

“I think that’s a fitting tribute to any Blyth fan to have their name printed in the club’s official history.”