Spartans fan to represent club in FA Cup choir

A Blyth Spartans fan has been chosen to represent his club in a Songs of Praise FA Cup fans’ choir.

Kevin Scott, from Blyth, has been chosen as the Blyth Spartans representative and will sing Abide With Me alongside 63 others – one each from the teams which made it to this year’s third round in the FA Cup – at Wembley ahead of the Arsenal v Aston Villa final.

They will be joined by the Band of The Brigade of Gurkhas in front of almost 90,000 people on Saturday, May 30, to sing the song.

Songs of Praise, which teamed up with BBC Sport as part of its FA Cup programming, asked for people to submit stories that reflect their personal memories and passion of the cup from every level of the game.

The winning tales are a combination of amusing and moving stories which capture the spirit of the FA Cup and have a strong thread of family, community and tradition throughout.

Kevin’s tale about Spartans beating Stoke City in their 1977-78 giant-killing run and their fans congratulating them landed him a place in the choir.

“Minutes away Terry Johnson put Stoke to the sword 3-2, fans went wild, best experience ever,” he said.

“We went to the car expecting trouble from Stoke fans, but they congratulated us and shook our hands. We headed home buzzing.”