Special measures at school correct

AFTER reading a further comment (News Post Leader, letters, May 3), I have got to say I completely agree with the decision to put the Blyth School Community College into special measures.

It may not be popular and should certainly not be a reflection of most pupils and their families, it is simply the appropriate course of action and has nothing to do with depravity or otherwise.

As a father of an ex-pupil, it seemed very clear to me there were problems within this school.

I voiced my concerns at the time only for these to fall on deaf ears.

My child missed out on important exam results which did not reflect on her abilities.

I fully back the decision and hope for the benefit of our community that we do not have to endure any more problems on a scale that sacrifices our children and their needs.

I am proud of where I live and I am proud of Blyth.

I applaud the efforts of the facility at this school, however, based on my experiences, the thought process and imposed practices are now where they should be and a fresh start can be made to make this great school great again.