Speech as thin as toilet paper

I always try to avoid clichés like the plague. But one is unavoidable when considering the coalition government – they really couldn’t run a booze-up in a brewery.

Last week’s Queen’s Speech was meant to outline the law-making programme for the year ahead. It was as thin as toilet paper, and only fit for that purpose.

The headline-grabber, a bid to strip immigrants of automatic healthcare and benefit, was a blatant knee-jerk reaction to UKIP’s gains in the recent local elections.

Leaving aside the callous disregard for human decency, how is it going to work? Will nurses and doctors be forced to act as immigration officers when dealing with the sick and the injured? I predict an NHS revolt if they try that.

The plan to strip migrants of the dole after six months is a con as existing rules dictate that they must be actively seeking work in any case.

And to add to the farce, David Cameron was forced to admit that his flagship immigration bill will be delayed by several months because the legal implications of key measures had not been thought out.

And deputy premier Nick Clegg plunged the coalition into a new crisis by vetoing a planned relaxation of childcare rules applying to nurseries to cut costs.

It would be hilarious if it wasn’t for the victims – the old, sick, poor and needy.

What was in the Queen’s Speech to benefit so many of my constituents? Not a row of beans.