Speed camera van is not justified

Regarding the intended prosecution of a speeding fine, I wish to give my thoughts on the subject.

Most of the camera vans are in a place of risk or accident black spots and so can be legitimately called safety cameras, as the government likes to advertise.

This van was positioned on the central reservation of a dual carriageway in Cramlington, which until a few years ago was derestricted, ie a 70mph limit.

I was travelling southbound, with a park on the left, the closest path 30 metres away, the central reservation fenced and covered with thorn bushes. The school on the other side of the carriageway is fenced and children never run over the road because of the thorn bushes.

Where is the risk that justifies a camera van?

Where are all the vulnerable people at 11.30am on a Sunday that need to be protected by the safety camera?

This position is just a cash machine pure and simple, it is not there to prevent people like me mowing down vulnerable pedestrians at 36mph.

It is a position that shoots down all the argument about the vans being purely for safety and not money raising.

Name and address supplied