Standing by the working people

The recent party conference season revealed in the clearest possible terms the gulf that exists between the Britain the Tory and Liberal Democrat bedfellows want to see and the one we in the Labour Party will fight for.

David Cameron and his colleagues showed just how out of touch they are with the reality so many ordinary working people are facing.

In stark contrast, Ed Miliband had the facts at his fingertips. Facts such as since the coalition came to power we have seen the slowest recession for nearly 100 years.

Facts that nearly one million young people are out of work; prices have risen faster than wages in 38 out of the 39 weeks David Cameron has been in residence; and working people are on average nearly £1,500 a year worse off than before he took office.

Yet at the same time bankers bonuses have gone up by 82 per cent and the PM’s tax priority has been to give a tax cut to people earning more than £150,000 a year – a sum most voters in my constituency can only dream of.

As we start a new Parliamentary year Ed Miliband has pledged a freeze on energy bills until 2017 if Labour wins the next general election; expanding childcare for three and four-year-olds to 25 hours a week; an increase in the number of apprenticeships for young people; and a cut in business rates to help small firms. In other words his vision of a Labour government that will stand by ordinary working people across the country.