State of Blyth town centre is shameful

It is so disappointing to witness the demise of Blyth town centre.

Take a stroll through this once thriving shopping town with its busy market and variety of shops and compare what we have now.

Waterloo Road has seven empty shop units, which includes the very large Co-op building, Regent Street has three, two of which are large units, Woodcocks one large unit and two in the Keel Row shopping centre.

That is 13 empty shops in our town centre.

Add to these the number of charity shops and estate agents, a very large flat area described as a market square which is vacant most of the week and hardly used at all during the winter months, so what have we got left? Not much to attract the locals and visitors to the town.

It would appear that there seems to be a large housebuilding scheme going on at the moment in this area, which I would have thought would demand a shopping centre to accommodate the expected increase in the population.

Or are we to expect that these new residents do their shopping at Cramlington or Morpeth?

We have lost so much ground to these towns already, which is not surprising as is it not time we had a change and had a town to be proud of?

I read with interest recently about a shop owner in Gosforth High Street who had been prosecuted by the council for having a shop in a dangerous condition and described as being ‘an eyesore’.

I wonder if that reminds us of anywhere in Blyth? One shop in particular springs to my mind.

We have a lovely beach area a splendid park, but not within an easy walking distance from the town centre, and the fact that it is not worth walking to anyway is shameful.

Hope that things can change for us before it is too late.

John Wilson