STATION: No evidence for a move

Following Dennis Fancett's letter about moving Cramlington Station (News Post Leader, December 15), I'm concerned that a solution and conclusion to a perceived problem are being made without any attempt to analyse the current situation.

Thursday, 5th January 2017, 10:30 am
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 12:01 pm

Train companies are interested in stopping their services, including intercity ones, at Morpeth Station, which is even further from the town centre, so it does not make sense at all to use distance from town centre as an argument to move Cramlington Station by 300m.

There is nothing preventing the TransPennine trains from stopping at the existing station, except for the train companies. This doesn’t require a new station.

Years ago Intercity 125 trains stopped at the current station when, arguably, there would have been even less reason to come to Cramlington.

I also fail to see how moving it closer to Manor Walks will encourage more people to use it.

I’m not aware of significant numbers of people complaining about a 300m walk from the shops.

I’m not aware of any residents in Cramlington, or the wider south east Northumberland area, having been asked if they use the station, and if not, why not, so there do not seem to be any facts to support moving the station for that reason either.

Maybe if someone actually asked the residents to find out what the issues, if any, are with the current station an appropriate plan could be put in place to resolve them, rather than making assumptions that putting it a mere 300m closer to the shops will increase passenger numbers.

There are plenty of wasted areas of bushes and grass in the current car park. If parking is seen to be an issue it could be reconfigured to double, or more, the number of spaces.

If fare prices are a concern I do not see how moving the station can resolve that.

I’m sorry, but I cannot see an argument for moving Cramlington Station based on actual facts, figures or evidence.

Norman Webster