Stay away from wind turbines, crooks told

METAL thieves are being warned they will be putting their lives at risk if they try to steal from a new wind farm.

Over the last few weeks, turbines at Lynemouth’s wind farm have gone live, and police have been working with engineers at the Scottish Power Renewables-run site, pictured, to reduce the threat posed by thieves.

Extra police patrols are being put on to protect the 13 turbines from crooks on the lookout for cable and other metal to sell for scrap.

Inspector Kevin Oates, of Ashington’s neighbourhood policing team, said: “We’ve been meeting with staff from the site throughout the construction phase of the wind farm and working with them to ensure their crime prevention systems are in place.

“The sites have a host of security measures, such as electric fencing, high-security door locks and CCTV systems.

“The security in place is not only to protect the equipment from being targeted by thieves but also to stop them from getting near to the turbines.

“Now that the site is operational, engineers have said that if thieves get inside the units and attempt to tamper with cable or steal metal they could be seriously hurt or even killed by the electric currents that run through the systems.

“The wind farm will be included in our patrols overnight, and I’d urge anyone who sees anyone suspicious or any suspicious vehicles in the area to report them to the police.”