Stolen medal handed back after 6 years

An MBE medal.
An MBE medal.

A FAMILY who lost a precious MBE medal in a burglary six years ago have been left stunned after it turned up in an anonymous package through the post.

In September 2006, Andrew Young’s Blyth home was broken into and jewellery including a small solid gold Boilermaker’s Society shipbuilding medal awarded to his grandfather James Cassidy, a First World War Monz medal, a gold Rolex, along with other items, were stolen.

But it was the theft of his father’s prized MBE medal that the family struggled to cope with.

“We put out an emotional appeal in the News Post Leader at the time for the return of the medals, watch and MBE belonging to my father, but we did not have any success in having any of the items returned,” Andrew said.

“Then last week we received a package through the post with an anonymous note returning my father’s MBE.”

Andrew’s dad Jacob was made an MBE for services to shipbuilding, having started work as an apprentice at Swan Hunter’s in Wallsend before moving up to become senior shipbuilding manager.

However, Andrew’s dad never got to see his medal again.

“Sadly my father passed away in October 2010 , and it had always been with great sadness that the medals did not get returned to the family,” Andrew added.

“After receiving the MBE in the post we took it straight to my mam’s, who has been overcome with its safe return, as have all of the family members.

“It was taken six years ago so we had given up hope of seeing it again, so we are overjoyed to get it back.

“The return of the medal has meant so much to the family, especially to Mam, who now only has a few treasured possession left from Dad, now with the addition of the returned treasured MBE medal.”

The person who sent it back explained to Andrew, of Collingwood Terrace, Blyth, that they had not had anything to do with the original burglary and had been trying to return the medal to its rightful owner for some time, which had proved tricky as the family have moved house.

“This has restored some faith back to us that there are genuine, honest people in the world,” Andrew added.

“So whoever you are, and however you came across the MBE, our family would like to say than you so much for its safe, emotional return to ourselves.”