Store losing customers

I agree with Az Mohammed’s comments regarding the PCN issued by Parking Eye to Kevin McDermott (News Post Leader, November 13).

Mr McDermott has said that he will now shop elsewhere, so Parking Eye will have lost Morrisons much more in custom than they will have gained from issuing a parking ‘fine’.

The only way anyone can be prevented from parking is if the park is 100 per cent full, but how often does this happen? There is almost always a spare parking space.

Most people who are ‘fined’ will follow Mr McDermott’s example and shop elsewhere, so it’s to be hoped that their annual lifetime’s expenditure at Morrisons does not exceed a total of £85, otherwise Morrison’s will have lost much more than they have gained. Many of us spend at least £85 a week at Morrisons.

I spoke with a car park attendant at another supermarket recently and she assured me that other than giving a warning they do not issue fines to people who stay too long, because they ‘want to attract custom’.

A more sensible attitude would be to make parking free for the first three hours and £3 per hour after that.

Dave Edwards