Store will not help the rest of town

SO, we have lost a vets practice in Blyth – St Clair’s.

Not only a good vets but also perfectly decent and friendly staff who worked there, all now out of a job, and all to make way for the much needed six parking spaces as Morrisons.

I have my own thoughts on how it has all been so easy for this legislation and planning being passed so easily, compulsory purchase orders executed without a care or thought for anyone’s situation or livelihood.

There is just a nasty smell in the air about it all.

The county council is now creating this relentless beast that will show no mercy to its fellow traders in Blyth.

I would ignore the rhetoric and usual sound bites coming from the county and the supermarket that the store will attract more people to the town, this huge store will only attract people to itself.

Why should anyone bother to wander around the town when they will try to cater for everything under one roof? Clothing, gardening tools and hardware, a restaurant, cafe, hairdressing, the list goes on.

If you think Blyth is a ghost town now, just wait till this consumer machine gets up and running.