Street party for Queen’s coronation

Residents, staff and guests at a county care home have celebrated the 62nd anniversary of the Queen’s coronation with a traditional street party.

Astor Court care home in Cramlington listened to records, and tucked into some tasty sweet and savoury British foods and enjoyed a tipple of port and lemonade to celebrate the anniversary.

Traditional bunting, union jack flags, and table decorations of red, white and blue evoked feelings of nostalgia and patriotism for residents, many who remember the day of her Coronation from 1953.

Care manager Mandy Mackley said: “The decision to televise the Coronation made it possible for the general public to witness the ceremony in its entirety for the first time.

“We’ve all had a brilliant day, there’s been lots of fun, laughter, singing and nostalgia. Our street party was the perfect way to mark the occasion.”