STREET: Pedestrians take care

I write in response to the letter asking if Bowes Street, Blyth, is pedestrianised. (News Post Leader, November 19).

The answer is shown on the traffic signs at the ‘top’ of the street, by Wilkinson’s.

The signs show that access to Bowes Street by vehicles is restricted to those requiring access. That means the driver or a passenger must have some business at a premises in Bowes Street. No motor vehicle should be driven straight through Bowes Street.

Unfortunately, now that Morrison’s car park is accessed from Regent Street, it is quite common for Bowes Street to be used as a short-cut from one side of the town centre to Morrison’s.

The signs being at the top of Bowes Street is possibly not that helpful if you are crossing the road somewhere else, and the fact that the carriageway is block-paved does perhaps blur the status of the road. But, road it is, with footways.

Of course, pedestrians have a perfect right to cross the road, or walk in the road in the UK (not motorways and some restricted roads).

However, pedestrians are “vulnerable” road users; that is they are not surrounded by a protective cage. Pedestrians are likely to come off worst in a collision with a moving vehicle. Therefore, I would suggest that pedestrians always need to be on the look-out.

Even on pedestrianised streets there are those drivers and riders who believe that they can decide which rules apply to them and if they can, they will drive a vehicle onto a pedestrianised street, footpath, or whereever. Take care.

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