Students’ promotion of NHS specialists praised

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Two students from a Blyth school have become the regional winners of a national NHS competition.

Bede Academy students Thomas Brown and Alexander Dodds impressed the judges with their entry into the ‘Step into the NHS’ competition to promote the role of neurosurgeon to their peer group.

The boys’ entry included a fictional BBC radio interview with a neurosurgeon.

Bede Academy principal Gwyneth Evans said: “This has been a very worthwhile exercise for our students and we are thrilled that their work has been selected as the winning effort for the region.

“This competition has proven to be a valuable experience, engaging the students with the workings of the health service and the different career options available to them.

“The hard work and effort invested in their project reflects their commitment and dedication.”

The competition aims to promote the 350 plus careers available in the NHS in England and students were tasked with designing an advertisement and job description for their chosen role.

Elaine Readhead, managing director at Health Education North East, said: “I’d like to congratulate Thomas, Alexander and the Bede Academy for their fantastic entry.

“Young people are extremely important to the future of the NHS workforce across the region.

“It is important that the NHS engages with young people now and lets them know about the wealth of career opportunities available.”