Success is on the menu for Melanie

Tea room owner Melanie Martin certainly has the recipe for success when it comes to promoting all things Northumbrian.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 13 July, 2018, 13:00
Melanie Martin and her husband Paul, from Melanie's Tea Rooms, receive the Just the Ticket Award from Steve Bishop, of

She picked up a Northumbie award for her contribution to this year’s annual Northumberland Day.

Melanie’s Tea Room, at Newbiggin, won the Just the Ticket Award, sponsored by, which is presented to something which conveys the essence of Northumberland Day and what it stands for in terms of passion, pride and community.

And Melanie’s got that in spades.

She researched local recipes to serve for Northumberland Day, using local produce.

Tables in the tea room were all named after famous Northumbrians, past and present.

Northumbrian flags and red and yellow bunting were the order of the day, along with old picture postcards of Newbiggin.

Melanie, who started the tea room just five months ago, said: “We were thrilled to win the award. We really focused on local recipes for the weekend and discovered how popular nettle cheese is. Our nettle cheese scones were flying out.”

Headway Arts, in Blyth, won the Northumbie for the Best Designed Event (sponsored by the Helen Grierson Glass Studio), a week-long progamme of activities, and John Emery was runner-up in The Above and Beyond Special Recognition Award (sponsored by Northumbria Quail), for Ashington Rocks, a concert of rock artists.

The Northumbies were presented at Langley Castle.