Summer returning to the North East – but pollen counts rising

Met Office pollen count.
Met Office pollen count.

The blistering heat made way for torrential showers – but summer is now making a return.

However, the rising temperatures and sunny spells will lead to high pollen counts, leading to problems for hayfever sufferers.

The Met Office forecast states:

A dry day with bright or sunny spells. It will be a cool to start the day, although with light winds it should feel warmer through the afternoon, especially in sunshine. Maximum Temperature 19°C.


It will turn increasingly cloudy through the evening, with outbreaks of rain likely to arrive overnight, giving some heavy bursts in places. Minimum Temperature 9°C.


A rather cloudy start, with some bursts of showery rain possible. Then dry through much of the day with some warm bright and sunny spells developing. Rain arriving overnight. Maximum Temperature 22°C.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Rain or showers at times over the weekend. The showers perhaps heavy although with brighter spells in between. More persistent rain arriving Monday with breezy winds.