Support school not bad mouth it

AS a parent of a student at Blyth School Community College, can I say how disgusted I was at last week’s article (News Post Leader, April 26) regarding an Ofsted inspection.

So is it because the school has an above-average number of children with special educational needs or in receipt of free school meals that it is being rated so poorly?

Or is it because as our MP Ronnie Campbell states that apparently our children are from deprived areas of Blyth?

I take it that there are no pupils at other schools from these supposedly deprived areas or in receipt of free school meals.

I never realised that Chase Farm, Newsham Farm and other surrounding areas were deprived, especially when I live in one of those areas.

I am a single parent of three, work full-time and can assure you none of my children are deprived of anything.

The Blyth School is in my opinion doing its best and the staff I have encountered are nothing but efficient, supportive and work to the best of their abilities.

Why not try to support the school and its staff and pupils and stop bad mouthing the area we live in.