Supporting banks served a purpose

YOU report that the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is looking to start a branch in this area (News Post Leader, January 24).

While there are a lot of workers in the public sector who perform valuable tasks and often for low salaries, it is nevertheless true that the public sector has for many years been a playground for some to be overpaid.

If a job title contains the word co-ordinator or facilitator, then I am suspicious. Local authority managers often earn huge salaries, and rarely seem capable of justifying their salaries in terms of performance.

In addition to their often generous salaries, public sector workers typically enjoy better job security than people in the private sector, and better pension provision.

A TUSC member is quoted as saying ‘It’s as if everyone has forgotten that it was the banks that caused the crisis’ – to which I say smokescreens and mirrors.

Yes, the bailout of the banks was a national disgrace, but at least keeping the banks afloat served a purpose. Keeping pen-pushers and box-tickers on the council payroll serves what purpose?