SURGERY: Puzzled by the rating

With regard to the Care Quality Commission's report on Laburnum Surgery in Ashington (News Post Leader, October 4), I have been with this practice for 68 years and have always received excellent care.

Sunday, 14th October 2018, 6:41 am

The doctors always have time to speak to you and you never feel rushed. I can usually get an appointment either the same day or within a few days for the doctor or nurse.

I needed a cataract operation last year and the surgery sent details to the RVI. I was seen within weeks and had the operation within a short while.

The year before, I needed an operation on my eyelid and within weeks of the surgery contacting the RVI, I had the operation.

I had problems with my neck last week and it arranged an x-ray the same afternoon.

Dr Day and Dr Rasoul, who run the place, and the nurses are all dedicated workers who are caring and go above and beyond to help you. The receptionists are very caring and pleasant to contact and they are very efficient.

I just cannot understand the poor rating the surgery received from the CQC.

Thomas Turnbull