Swearing drunks scare two young boys in pub toilet

Wetherspoon's open former Wallaw Cinema at Blyth as a new pub.'REF 2811135664
Wetherspoon's open former Wallaw Cinema at Blyth as a new pub.'REF 2811135664

Two young brothers were left petrified when two drunk men screamed and swore at them in a Blyth pub.

The nine-year-old and his six-year-old brother were visiting the Wallaw in Blyth with their grandparents last Friday.

The two boys went to the bathroom but while in the same cubicle two men banged on the door and began shouting and swearing at them to get out.

The pair were so scared they jumped on to the toilet seat, fearing the men might have grabbed their feet from under the door.

After a member of staff heard a commotion the men left the toilets and the children ran out to their grandparents.

The brothers’ mum, Karen Hemsley, said: “My boys have been left petrified and shaken up. They haven’t left my side all weekend and the youngest refuses to go to the toilet on his own.

“They have had nightmares during the weekend and told me they thought they were going to die.”

The family were disappointed at how long it took for police to be called, but the manager at the Wetherspooners pub, Phil Riddle, said the police were called while another member of staff dealt with the family.

He said: “Two men went into the gents to get changed out of their tracksuits and because all the cubicles were full had started banging on a door shouting at the people inside to get out, it just happens two young children were inside.

“The police, who knew the men, seemed happy this would be the event but went to look for them to speak to them.

“These men are now barred from the premises.”

But the boys’ mum added: “I don’t understand how they have been allowed into the building if they were drunk.

“They also entered the establishment wearing tracksuit bottoms and asked if they could go to the toilets and change into jeans, and I’m unsure how this is allowed as two weeks prior we were having tea there and my partner, who had just finished work and was wearing black work trousers, was not allowed to enter the building to come and get a set of house keys from me.

“I always thought Wetherspoons was a family friendly environment and thought at 4pm my children would be safe enough to go to the toilet.”

A police spokesperson confirmed that officers attended the pub following the incident but the two men had already left.