Take pride in our A&E

Evidently it is believed by some people in authority that by setting targets for achievement of success, that subordinates will improve performance.

More often than not the target setter does not have the ability to do that which is being asked to be done and sometimes a subordinate whom is satisfied with his or her achievement is intimidated by being asked to do more or differently from that with which they are self-satisfied.

The satisfied person then has two options.

Firstly to offer to leave that employment and suggest that the target setter does the work themselves or say ‘perhaps you know someone who is proven to be better capable’.

Target setting always indicates dissatisfaction of the setter.

Quoting a percentage of possibility of that expected is derisory.

The failure by some hospital A&E departments to meet targets of time lapse before triage is purely academic because the target must be based on so very many assumptions of widely variable factors, e.g. the number of cases arriving at any one time, the type of emergency cases that need to have more urgent individual attention.

So, to our Wansbeck Hospital A&E staff may I say thank you, very well done, take pride in your achievements and do not be intimidated.

Because you are medically professional people you are able to think of a better use for the paper on which the percentage of the ridiculous target was written.

Perhaps the reason that I was unable to see Ian Lavery MP in the House of Commons during the NHS debate was that he was too busy chairing the ‘influential Trades Union Group of MPs’ deciding how to discredit the achievements of the present coalition.

Norman Bateman